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Sabayon comes in different flavours to choose.
To distinguish between them, a suffix is appended to file names.
Here's a short description. More details can be found in this thread on Sabayon forum.

main releases:

This version contains the well known GNOME 3.
This version comes with KDE SC, another popular desktop environment.
Contains Xfce - lightweight yet very functional and friendly desktop.
With the GNOME 2 fork.

additionally, these Core releases are available:

It's a very minimal environment that can be used for many different purposes: didactical, home server deployment, and even for custom Sabayon ISO images creation, using our tool called Molecule. Any Sabayon release we make is based on SpinBase.
It's geared towards very minimal graphical environment setup, no fancy tools, browsers, whatever, just Fluxbox and command line.

All of them have a smaller footprint making them fit into a single CD, or USB memory sticks.
SpinBase is provided with a very minimal Anaconda Installer and Minimal should be preferred for non-standard filesystem/partition layouts.

Name Architecture Download link Torrent md5sum Package list Size Date

All dates are in day-month-year format.